‘Twas the week before Australia Day…

With just a few days left till Australia Day, now is an ideal time to market the Australia Day stock you have in-store, and any promotions or events you have may have organised.

The traditional Australia Day BBQ will be occurring on pretty much every street next Tuesday, meaning this weekend will be a prime shopping time for BBQ needs and decorations. I for one am currently on the hunt for Australia-themed temporary tattoos and an inflatable pool tyre to take along to a pool party I’m attending, and will make sure to purchase these this weekend.

I’ve noticed some photos of great Australia Day promotions and displays being posted on Facebook by newsagents; a few of the best below:

Each of the images on this post leads to the social media page they were originally posted on when clicked—do visit these pages if you’re in need of ideas and inspiration.

There’s a lot we can learn from retailers outside of our industry, particularly when it comes to visual merchandising and social media marketing. Here are what some other retailers and small businesses are posting on their social media pages, to let their customers know they are a destination for Australia Day celebration needs:

How will you be marketing your Australia Day stock and promotions?


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