You expect me to do what?

Luke La from newsXpress Darra commented that his pet hate is companies using his retail space to advertise to his customers to go elsewhere (in this case to online). “To rub it in further, telling customers to ask Retailers how they can buy online. I know where these flyers can go. If I could, I’d like to tell where these suppliers can go, too”.

The flyer distributed in newsagencies, from Golden Casket (Tatts) says: BUY ONLINE Play a QuickPic or choose your favourite numbers 24/7 at

If you have any questions, ask your Retailer to help….not likely Joyce!



2 thoughts on “You expect me to do what?

  1. I agree with Luke everyone wants to use our valuable traffic flow/data base to get their message out and benefit themselves usually only to pay us a pittance.
    Most times to our detriment, eg magazines only use us to get their subscription message out, Connect want to use our traffic flow/data base and they want us to pay?.


  2. Look at the positives Wayne and Luke. The reason everyone wants to use the newsagency channel is because of its extensive reach and high traffic flow. It is a valuable network we have here and although we may be used and abused at times, we are very much needed.Our value is high and if newsagents develop and change with the times our channel will remain very strong.


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