Life’s a stage, and we’re all actors…

With Easter just around the corner what are you doing to entice customers into your?  Are you then inspiring them to come back…?  

Back in the day building a striking window display highlighting the products in store was an essential part of your business. An effective shop-front could stop customers and potentially bring them inside to browse.

But, with today’s evolving retail environment, this may not be the only consideration a retail owner should have when attracting new customers and enticing them back.


Well maybe not all of us, but the point here is customer behaviour has evolved!

AND. If you want to stay relevant so should you!

Today with the use of ‘retail theatre’ your customers have the potential to actively interact within your retail space. Sure, it’s not only important to have the right products to sell, it’s becoming just as important to provide your customers with an experience whilst in store!

As published by Inside Retail, Dr Violet Lazarevic, a senior research consultant at the ACRS, Monash Business School states:

Many retailers are adopting ‘retail theatre’ in their physical stores which means they are reinventing the physical retail store to focus on experience. Adopting a retail theatre perspective means the store and its design and layout is all about satisfying customer needs, and inspiring the customer to come back.

As crazy as this sounds customers are expecting more. A dynamic environment where they can touch, smell and interact with products. Where they can relax after purchasing, or while considering purchases. Here’s an example from one our industry supplier!

These are all perfect examples of enticing and retaining customers.  

Are you inspired to bring a little ‘theatre’ to your store? And are just a little unsure how to start?

Well don’t despair – we’ve developed an interactive learning module through TeDD that helps you get started. Why don’t you contact your top supply partner and ask how they can help you learn more skills that will build your business today!

Or have you already jumped on the ‘retail theatre stage’? What do you do to build an experience for your customers?

Have you seen a retailer who has mastered the art of retail theatre? Tell us your thoughts!


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