Does it pay to be loyal?

We all like something for free… right?

A free coffee, half price pair of shoes, 25% off clothes – yes please!


I can be very loyal… VERY LOYAL…! If it means I’ll get a new pair of shoes out of it!

Loyalty programs are a structured marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program.

How can rewarding your customers pay dividends for your business?

In today’s evolving retail environment customers are savvy – they research their purchases, and they want to feel like they are being rewarded… or given an extra incentive when shopping in store.

Loyalty programs can help to build customers’ loyalty, return patronage, community and business growth. You can ‘win a greater share of wallet’ by providing extra incentive, loyalty programs encourage customers to direct more of their purchases toward a business and less at competitors when providing them with incentive to shop in store.

It makes good business sense!

Often retailers will argue they can’t afford customer loyalty programs…. But is that true?

With the right incentive programs this isn’t necessarily the case, there are ANF members who would definitely argue against that claim!

Are you… or do you know someone who is getting it right with a loyalty program… Tell us about it!

Are you wanting to start a loyalty program in store?  And are you unsure about how to start?

Well don’t despair – we’ve developed an interactive learning module through TeDD that helps you understand loyalty programs. Why don’t you contact your top supply partner and ask how they can help you learn more skills that will build your business today!

Need more incentive to start an incentive program…?

Why don’t you check out our inaugural The Channel mag – coming to you mid April; we’ve interviewed one of our members who is getting it right with Rewardle and seeing great business growth as a result!

Not a subscriber – not a problem!

Contact the communications team to subscribe today! or


2 thoughts on “Does it pay to be loyal?

  1. People love loyalty programs if it is easy quick and the reward is valued. Our greeting card loyalty program is highly valued. But like anything unless it is supported by your staff it loses momentum. Our business is only as good as your public face – your staff. Can you afford not to train them?

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