Looking for inspiration – head to Pinterest

Do you use it?

I do, and I love it!

Looking for a recipe? Looking for party theme ideas?

No need to comb the web for each individual need. There’s a one stop shop… so to speak.

Head to Pinterest. It’s your friend.

You’ve probably heard people speak about this made up word. (don’t you just love how today we just make up a new word and everyone jumps on board as if it’s always been around!)

What is Pinterest and why is everyone speaking of it?

Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board—and it’s brilliant.

Looking for designs – head to Pinterest.

Looking for inspiration – head to Pinterest.

Pinterest provides you with the opportunity to virtually look inside some very talented and creative people’s minds. And sometimes checking out what others are doing is just the inspiration you need to get started.

The world is jumping on board Pinterest, you may have noticed when accessing the web, you can hover over an image and it will have a pop-up saying ‘PIN IT’. By clicking the link, it will pin the image to one of your boards, allowing you to go back, any time, to check it out!


Gone are the days of finding something on the web that you really like, but when you’re looking for it again a few days later it’s lost in cyber space…

If you simply ‘pin it’ your image is safe. You can confidently head to the hairdresser and say ‘make me look like her!’

How can you use Pinterest in your business?

Wanting to bring some retail theatre to your store – PINTEREST. Wanting to market a product more successfully – PINTEREST…. Or wanting a hot new outfit – PINTEREST! (not relevant – but relevant!)

Unsure what to do? Don’t panic, we’re here to help you!

Did you know that TeDD can help you through all your Pinterest needs? Talk to your top suppler today and ask how they can help you to get started with Pinterest!

Don’t re-invent the wheel, get inspiration from others and put your own stamp on it. Set up your account today and start pinning… you won’t regret it!

Do you already use Pinterest? Tell us about your experiences with it!


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